Nikon F3 HP w. MD-4 Motor Drive USED

MFR # 1637175/270728

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MFR # 1637175/270728


Nikon F3 HP Motor Drive USED

The Nikon F3HP is a professional level SLR 35mm film camera.  It's extremely solid no-nonsense design and practical pro oriented feature set have made the camera a legend.  It's been one of the main go to choices for photojournalists and pros all over the world.  Along the way it's secured a reputation of durability and reliability that very few other cameras enjoy.

An F3HP is an F3 body with the DE-3 high eyepoint 'HP' prism viewfinder attached.  The DE-3 high eyepoint interchangeable finder offers noticeably more eye relief than the original DE-2 prism finder which originally shipped with the F3.  This extra eye relief makes the F3HP much easier to frame and focus with while wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.  The F3 body is designed to be a true professional workhorse able to endure heavy use in demanding conditions.  Just like the other top of the line Nikon models that came before it, the F3 amenities include a mirror lock-up, interchangeable finders, depth of field preview, and a PC flash sync socket.  The F3 is the first pro Nikon body to not use a fully mechanical shutter.  Instead the F3 uses two readily available PX76 style batteries to a power a more accurate electronically timed shutter and single mechanical back-up shutter speed of 1/80 is provided.  The F3 also has an Aperture Priority auto exposure mode useable with Ai (Automatic Indexing) lenses and later lenses.  Non-Ai lenses are useable on the camera with stop-down metering.

The F3 was often paired with it's equally well known MD-4 dedicated Motor Drive which can wind film at 5 frames per second and also features powered rewind at nearly the same speed.  The F3 also features TTL flash metering with compatible Speedlights such as the powerful SB-16A.

The F3HP is a tremendously fun camera for any shooter or collector to own.  In Nikon's lineup for multiple decades because of it's popularity, it's a historic camera, an absolute classic.

Key Features

  • Professional SLR 35mm film camera
  • Rugged construction designed for heavy use
  • Interchangeable finders
  • Light Meter
  • High Eyepoint HP prism viewfinder with LCD display and viewfinder illumination
  • Aperture Priority autoexposure
  • Electronically timed shutter
  • 1/90s mechanical back-up shutter speed
  • TTL flash metering with compatible Speedlights
  • Interchangeable focus screens
  • Depth-of-Field preview
  • Mirror lock-up
  • Built-in timer
  • Multiple Exposure control
  • Flash Sync PC socket
  • Compatible with non-Ai lenses
  • Compatible with dedicated MD-4 Motor Drive

MFR # 1637175/270728

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