VSGO DSLR DDR-24 Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit

MFR # DDR-24

For Full Frame Sensors


Key Features:

  • Vacuumed Package
  • Patent cleaning swab
  • Safe and Powerful Sensor
  • Leak-proof Bottle
MFR # DDR-24

For Full Frame Sensors

VSGO is a well-established brand for professional cleaning equipment. We are dedicated to design and produce innovated cleaning equipment for DSLR digital camera and other digital devices. Since the company was established in 2000, it has always insisted on independent invention and strict quality control. Its mission is to make premium quality cleaning equipment to meet professional needs.

Key Features

sensor swabs

sensor solution

sensor cleaner

Vacuumed Package

VSGO is the first company that produces cleaning equipment in a Cleanroom in the camera cleaning industry. Every sensor cleaning swab is packed in a vacuumed package and dust free.

Patent cleaning swab

Soft and flexible swab head spreads pressure evenly across the sensor. It allows the swab to achieve the best cleaning result. Super fine microfiber head-cover is laser cut. It is super fine, smooth and lint-free.

Safe and Powerful Sensor Cleaner

The sensor cleaner is made from ultrapure water, effectively clean sensors without leaving streaks or blemishes. It is safe for both CCD and CMOS image sensors.

Leak-proof Bottle

The sensor cleaner is stored in a unique designed leak-proof bottle and featured with a secure cap that prevents leakage during movement.

sensor cleaning
VSGO Full-Frame sensor cleaning swabs is compatible with with, but not limited to:

  • Canon: EOS 5D/5Ds/5Dsr/5Dr, 5D Mk II, Mk III and Mk IV; EOS 6D, 6D Mark II; EOS-1Ds, 1DS Mark II, 1DS Mark III EOS-1DX, EOS-1D X Mark II
  • Nikon: Df, D3/D3s, D3X, D4, D4s, D5, D500, D600, D610, D700/750, D800/800e/ D810, D850, D7500, J1, S1, V1, V3
  • Sony: A7/R; A7/R ii; A7/r iii; A7/S ii, A9; A99, A850, A900, A6500
  • And all other standard Full-Frame size sensors

Clean Your CCD or CMOS Sensor

Like a professional

Camera sensor cleaning is not that hard! Follow the sensor cleaning steps below, you will have your sensor cleaned like a professional did it.

  • Before start, shoot a piece of white paper with Aperture Priority (A) mode set at f/22 or higher, so you could see where the dust is located on the sensor.
  • You need to set your camera to a sensor clean mode, so the delicate shutter and mirror mechanisms stay out of the way when you clean the sensor.
  • Go to your camera setup, and select 'Lock Mirror Up For Cleaning'. This option will be greyed out unless your camera's battery is fully charged.
  • Use a professional air blower to blow loose dust off the sensor
  • Apply only 1 drop of cleaner onto the head of swab, then drag the swab slowly and smoothly from the left of the sensor to the right. Use a single movement.
  • Turn the swab around and drag the clean side of the swab from right to left. Throw this swab away and never reuse a used swab.
MFR # DDR-24

For Full Frame Sensors

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