Minolta W.Rokkor - QH 21mm 4 USED

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Minolta W.Rokkor - QH 21mm 4 USED

The W.ROKKOR-QH 21mm f/4 is the first Minolta ultra-wide-angle lens designed for the SR camera line. Introduced in 1963, it is a non-retrofocus design that protrudes deeply into the body and requires a camera with Mirror Lock-Up (MLU) to be used (the SR-7 introduced in July of 1962 is the first Minolta SR body to offer MLU).

This W.Rokkor-QH lens has 4 optical groups combining a total of 8 individual elements. Though no official explanation exists, it is obvious that the Greek alpha/numerical designations provide the first code letter designating the number of lens groups. The second letter may have chosen simply by alphabetical order. Early Nippon Kogaku NIKKOR lenses used a similar code pattern.

The camera’s mirror must be locked in the up position when this lens is used.

*Note: This lens does not include a viewfinder.


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